Doggo Defense

A dog is put on your head and your only goal is to not let it die. Dodge and slice your way through 11 levels of enemies to get to the final boss and take her down.


Get to the end as fast as possible. You are given various parkour skills and a special gun to hop and sprint to the checkerboard and get to the Coronavirus to take it down.


File Browser

A simple file browser which allows you to view the files stored on the file host of this server.

This is a Bot

The website for my Discord bot, This is a Bot, a general purpose bot which contains way too many commands and is practically a meme.

Thot Bot

An interesting discord bot...


A drawing program which allows you to paint in the web browser as well as transfer your work through a canvas accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


A website for teachers to reward students with points for good behavior. The students can then use the points to buy prizes.


A simple timer app which is resistant to being restarted and reset which can also export the data from the timer as a table.

Fizzy Clock

A simple electron-based alarm clock with cron-style scheduling.

Code Shaker

A modular extension which allows you to make scripts which run on events inside of the Visual Studio Code workspace. Ment to make my life "fun" while programming live.


A simple daemonized wrapper for pm2 which exposes a web api for controlling pm2 remotely.



An album I made for a school project, mostly EDM type stuff since that is the kind of stuff I listened to at the time.